Contested Memories

The Easter Rising is regarded as perhaps the single most significant event in Irish history. The Irish state not only traces its beginning to the Rising, but the influence of the rising is also ever-present in contemporary Ireland: from the ideology of its main political parties to national debates about societal values. Contested Memories: The Battle of Mount Street Bridge project employs spatial and temporal methods to create a virtual world visualisation of the events of The Battle of Mount Street Bridge. The project’s aims are twofold: first, to create a virtual model of the area in which the battle took place as a means of helping researchers visualize the conflict; second, to use computer technologies to render key events of the battle in order to better understand how the conflict unfolded and to establish a more definitive number of British casualties.

The Contested Memories project employs a melding of traditional and digital research methods to create a new platform to investigate the unfolding of the battle. The project team and collaborators include military historians, ballistic experts, architects, digital humanists, developers, and virtual heritage specialists, who have been investigating the site of the battle, to test, empirically, within the Humanities Virtual World Consortium‘s platform, both ‘canonical’ accounts of the engagement and new, rival hypotheses.